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When you are dealing with something that sensitive, you will need to be extra careful especially she is receiving her first cunnilingus from you. Women are different from men, as they will need more time to be “turned on”.

For her first cunnilingus, you will need to spend more time and effort to prepare her for it so that she will be more receptive to receive cunnilingus from you. Receiving cunnilingus is a very sensitive activity for your lover as a woman’s clitoris consists of more than 8,000 nerve endings which make it the most sensitive part of a human’s body.

When your lover is not fairly turned on, she will not be receptive to cunnilingus at all. Therefore, it will be very important for you to prepare her for cunnilingus so as to “warm” her up for it. Below are some of the preparations that you can do to make her be more receptive to cunnilingus:

1. Make her feel physically and mentally relaxed. Massages, foot rubs, and a hot bath will be enough to help her feel physically and mentally relaxed. Getting her muscles to relax is very important prior to cunnilingus as you will not want her legs to snap shut every time when your head gets to her knee.

2. Start slow. A woman who is about to receive cunnilingus must be treated with gentle care. Anything done in hassle can ruin a cunnilingus session. Go extra slow and take cue from her. She will let you know once she is ready.

3. Be hygienic and clean. One of the reasons why a woman does not want to receive cunnilingus from her man is because she thinks that it may be unhygienic to him. One way to solve this issue is to have a hot bath together and assure her that you will definitely enjoy it when you go down on her.

4. Stimulate her erogenous zones. A good foreplay can help to make her very receptive to cunnilingus. Caress and kiss all her erogenous zones such as neck, shoulders, spine, breasts, thighs, stomach, etc. Kissing is definitely a good way to turn her on fast. Make sure you do it with passion and take your time!

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Every woman loves cunnilingus as it is the single best way to make them achieve orgasms fast. She may not wish to tell you openly that she wants to achieve cunnilingus from you. You will need to guide her along and make her feel comfortable about it before she is receptive to cunnilingus.

Do you know that more than 81% of women regularly receive orgasms from cunnilingus when compared to only 25% of them from traditional penetration? This makes it more important for you to master the art of cunnilingus. Visit the website below to learn more about cunnilingus now:

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