Raised Leg Missionary

You will realize that sex has never been better and you will have her squirming and crying for more as you attack her G-spot from various angles and positions.


The yawning position

Love making which starts with a man on top position. Both the love makers legs are outstretched which literally develops into a yawning position. A woman raises her thighs and opens them widely. The inhibitions presented by the woman’s thighs does not allow deep penetration and neither does it allow clitoral stimulation. However, this sex positions places the woman in a vulnerable and often helpless position with her genitals exposed. The state of helplessness is quite sensational and a such a great turn on. You can also lay her on her back and give her a memorable cunnilingus that leaves her with tingling sensations before thrusting inside her.

The rising position

The woman, while still lying on her back raises her legs above the shoulders of the man while the man kneels before her. The man uses her legs for support while at the same time he rubs and caresses them as he sinks his penis into her vagina. In this sex positions, she squeezes her thighs together. This squeezes him and adds pressure and friction for both partners. It adds more pleasure for the two lovers as the man continues to move in and out of her in vigorous movements and thrusts. The man can moderate the movements to slow and sensual or a sensational and vigorous thrusts deep inside her.

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The pressed position

The woman while lying on her back, draws her legs back such that her knees are hugging her breasts. She places both her feet on the chest of the man who at this position is kneeling in front of her. The man must find sex positions which allow deep penetration to avoid causing discomfort to her. Remember this position forces her womanhood to be less deep. The sensational feelings at this position are varied with subconscious emotions that makes a woman feel submissive while the man feels powerful.

The crabs position

The pleasure emanating from this sex position is highly erotic and will drive both partners wild. Such sex positions provides the much sought after grip by constricting the vagina around the penis. The woman bends and draws in her legs such that her thighs are cresting on her stomach. Just like a crab in the process of retreating its claws. The man thrusts into her from a kneeling position. The position is not demanding for her but the pleasure is endless. It allows the eyes to look though momentarily before they close as the pleasure intensifies.

The doggy style

Make her bend on her knees or bend in a nearly touch your toes sex position. The positions allows a clear vision and accessibility of her vagina. Approach her from behind slowly at first until you attain the rhythm that you want. The sensational pleasures goes a a very long way as your hits are right on target. You hit her G-spot from a more direct angle. Remember this is not a shooting range, it makes her get tired quickly. Do not keep her long in these sex positions as it would exhaust her and lose the purpose of all the sex positions.

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