Sex on Couch

Most women enjoy these sex positions because of the control it gives them to be able to thrust at any angle they want and this means they can focus on their sweet G-spot. There are varieties of the woman on top position and here is list of them:


If you are looking to excite your woman as well as last longer during sexual intercourse, then woman on top positions are best. In these sex positions, your woman is the one putting all the efforts and she controls the pace of the sex act. In this position you are less likely to ejaculate prematurely.

a.) The Climb: In this version of woman on top, you lie down on your back and your woman sits on your hips with your erect penis inside her vagina. After this she grabs you shoulders and begins to move her buttocks back and forth. To give her more pleasure, use your fingers to stimulate both her clitoris and nipples.

b.) Lap Dance: You could do this on a sofa or on your bed. To enjoy this position sit down on you bed or sofa with your erect penis. Then your woman mounts you so that both of you are facing each other. She then leans her upper body backwards a little and begins to thrust in a circular motion.


The spoon is a very exciting position if you want to last longer during sexual intercourse. In this sex position you would not be able to penetrate deeply and it also reduces the sensation you would feel on your penis. The spoon gives you much better control over your ejaculations but it does not stimulate women adequately enough to give them orgasms. But a little variation to the SPOON would give your woman better orgasms.

a.) Spoon Split: In this variation of the spoon, your woman lies on her chest at the edge of your bed. She should be kneeling on the floor. Raise one of her thighs up and penetrate her from the back. This would give her a deeper penetration and make it easier to stimulate her G – spot.

b.) Bended Spoon: In this sex position, both you and your woman would stand by your bed with you behind her. Ask her to bend down and put her hand on the bed. Put your penis inside her vagina from behind her and tell her to place one of her legs on top of the bed and start thrusting in and out.

These sex positions are exciting and very enjoyable to both you and your woman but if your penis is not long enough or thick enough, you would not enjoy them. The problem of a small penis is a big sexual dissatisfaction among so many women. This is one of the reasons why so many women cheat on their partners.

If you want a bigger penis, it is possible. You don’t have to undergo surgery. With natural penis exercises, you can make your manhood 1 – 3 inches longer and thicker using just your two hands.

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